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Schindler Coroner Nixed From Terri Autopsy

Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, the well-known forensic pathologist and coroner of Allegheny County, Pa., said he was denied permission to observe Terri Schiavo's autopsy, despite the wishes of Terri's parents.

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Wecht predicts autopsy results in 2-3 weeks

What can and can not be determined in an autopsy? Read the article HERE.


At 4:00 AM, Blogger JuniperWillow said...

Here is a list of of email and phone numbers for all the people associated with Terri's autopsy,
I hope you will post it at blogsforterri, and every other place you can--we need to make these emails and calls now and make our pleas that maybe if there is one person in there that Felos hasnt influenced maybe we can get them to tell the truth, after you see the email and phone numbers I will also enclose my letter that folks may use as a sample...
Thank you for caring..

If you need to request a city service, please call (904) 630-CITY or make your request online now so we may properly assist you.
All numbers are in the 904 area code.
Name Title Phone E-mail
Arruza, Margarita
Contact: Terri Mccrackin at 630-0977
Chief Medical Examiner 630-0977
Black, Herbert H Autopsy Technician Senior 630-0977
Brokaw, Jeff Chief Forensic Investigator 630-0981
Coombs, James M Pathology Asst 630-0977
Fallis, Susan J Forensic Investigator 630-0981
Ford, Victoria F Medical Transcriptionist 630-0977
Giles, Jesse C
Contact: Terri Mccrackin at 630-0977
Associate Medical Examiner 630-0977
Gottal, Josephine Toxicologist 630-5470
Herring, Wendy T Forensic Investigator 630-0981
Hinzey, Cargil O Autopsy Technician 630-0977
Mccrackin, Terri P Forensic Administrator 630-0977
Mobley, Leonard T Forensic Investigator 630-0981
Molina, Norma M Toxicologist 630-5470
Murnak, Arlene R Pathology Asst 630-0977
Nicolaescu, Aurelian
Contact: Terri Mccrackin at 630-0977
Associate Medical Examiner 630-0977
Nuernberger, Barbara M Chief Toxicologist 630-5470
Scheuerman, E Hunt
Contact: Terri Mccrackin at 630-0977
Associate Medical Examiner 630-0977
Trevino, Michelle B Medical Transcriptionist 630-0977
Wilson, Barbara E Histopathology Technician 630-5470

Dear Examiner Aruza,
We all hope, and when I say we, I mean myself and many I represent that are in the thousands in support organizations that are trying to be sure that Terri Shiavo's autopsy has not been corrupted by an examiner that may have personal relationship with Shiavo attorney Mr Felos, it has been said that the examiner who looked at Terri
Shiavo's body conversed with Mr Felos on the week before her autopsy was to be done and before Terri Shiavo had died, that to all of us here and abroad represents a conflict of interest, and we sincerely hope that you will address that to the national media. Also, isnt it written in your own law that in a conflict like this that people from both sides can send in someone who is a licensed examiner to be sure everything is legitimate?
Michael Shiavo though he was her primary caretaker said he never noticed any broken bones, now I ask you being that you are a professional who has seen it all, just how could Michael Shiavo not noticed any bruising or swelling being that she had so many broken bones? He said possibly the physical therapists had done it, well I ask you with all respect how could that have happened in a hospital or other
professional care setting? that many broken bones would have shown up to someone there, there is NO WAY that someone wouldnt have noticed it, I am quite sure that facility would NOT WANTED HER LACK OF PROGRESS TO REFLECT UPON THEM, so I know someone there would have reported it to a superior lest that worker lose their job for not doing adequate therapy with Terri Shiavo.
I have a place where the ligament was cut in half and thats just a ligament it happened last Thanksgiving
and today its so swelled I cannot close my hand, so why then did Mr, Shiavo never notice the swelling of all of Terri Shiavo's broken bones???
I venture to say here is because it happened to her BEFORE she was "found" on the floor that night, I would say they were broken THAT VERY EVENING because that before that evening her family who she was in regular constant contact with never knew of any broken bones, and most females their families know if they broke a nail, let alone all these broken bones in the hospital report.
I hope you will be very mindful of all you see and find in this case, I hope that you are not friends w/ mr Felos, or if you are that you will not let that friendship get in the way of what the State of Florida, The Schindler Family, the Nation and the World, are asking you to do, to do your job in a fair unbiased, honest and uncorrupted way,
If you are an honest examiner that does your best to get at the truth, good for you, and good for us, and Im sorry that I have to write you about possible corruption, but Mr. Felos has no business what so ever to be conversing with you or one of your employees on this sensitive matter one week before Terri Shiavo's death or at any time pertaining to a case that you are or ever will be involved in...
Thank you very much for your consideration in this sensitive matter,
___________. Disability Advocate and Member of many civil rights agencies for the disabled.

At 4:20 AM, Blogger JuniperWillow said...

I just read about what the doctor on your site said about what autopsy can find, I would like you to ask the doctor if it is possible for a woman who has adequate normal bone density for a woman of 41 years of age if it possible to break her femur from just falling out of bed, I dont believe personally that with her bone density, if it normal that it would be even remotely possible to break as many bones as were listed her bone density test report from the hospital, I would say if she were eighty yrs old then I would buy that one..thank you, and for the record I do respect Dr Wect, I just cannot ever remember how to spell his name, but I do regard him as someone who I would listen to when he reviews someones records, I thought at the place online where you go to get your online copy of autopsy that the LAW stated there THAT BOTH SIDES WERE THERE A DISPUTE ON CAUSE OF DEATH COULD HAVE THEIR REPRESENTATIVES OR INDEPENDANT EXAMINERS THERE. WHY NOT NOW, AND WHY DOES GREER STILL HAVE AUTHORITY HERE, ESPECIALLY WHEN HIS INTEGRITY ON THIS ISSUE BEING THAT HE AND FELOS HAVE PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS REGARDING THE PENDING SHIAVO CASE, AND NOW I HEAR THE FELOS HAS BEEN CONVERSING WITH PEOPLE AT THE EXAMINERS OFFICE THAT WILL BE HANDLING TERRIS AUTOPSY AND ALL ITS PENDING RESULTS. WOW, DID I JUMP INTO A TIME MACHINE? AM I IN SADDAMS IRAQ?


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