Friday, May 27, 2005

Bush Welcomes Abbas at White House, Pledges $50 Million in Assistance

President Bush welcomed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House Thursday (May 26th), hailing him as a courageous democratic reformer. Bush also helped Abbas' standing back home by pledging $50 million in assistance for new housing in the Gaza Strip, which Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon plans to evacuate of Jewish settlements this summer, AP reports. The visit came just weeks before Palestinian parliamentary elections in which Abbas's supporters are going up against the militant group Hamas. Abbas is the first top Palestinian leader to visit the White House during Bush's presidency, since the president had refused to meet with Yasser Arafat, who died last year.

During his visit, Abbas said that Palestinians were, quote, "in dire need to have freedom" from Israeli control and that the need for U.S. help in the peace process was urgent. He also said his people are entitled to all the land lost to Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, including Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem. During a joint news conference, Bush gave some support to the Palestinian position, saying any expansion of Israel's borders since the end of the 1948 war for independence, quote, "must be mutually agreed to." He also said Israel must remove any illegal outposts from the West Bank and stop expanding Jewish settlements there.

The two disagreed on the security wall being built by Israel, however, with Abbas calling it, quote, "illegitimate," but Bush saying it was part of an Israeli security effort, although adding it, quote, "must be a security rather than a political barrier."

How generous of Mr Bush. Somebody help me out with this story. How does building Palestinian homes in the Gaza strip become the responsibility of US taxpayers? Why not chase down the millions Yasser Arafat embezzled from his own people and use that money to build a settlement?


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Bush is the Democrat of 50 years ago. American Conservatives are brainwashed into thinking if someone puts an "R" after their name, then they are conservative. He's being intellectually and spiritually extorted. If he pursues the Billion bucks Arafat stole, then he will be portrayed as a "Imperialist" or "Crusader" against the Muslims. "Our" donation to the murderer Abbas is, in Bush's mind, alms for the poor. Funny there isn't enough money for our own border wall, border agents, and INS Agents. Palestinians want to cut Isreal in half, take the fertile land in the middle and northern half for themselves. Basically, whining because after three millenia of roaming the Earth, after warring with the Jews, all they have to show for it is Hamas and Hezbollah. If the Arabs are GIVEN Judea and Samara, "West Bank", there will not be a single Holy Site left for the Christian and Jew. Look at the "Dome of the Rock", the sacrificial alter of the Jews; the Wailing Wall, all that is left from David's Jerusalem after the Arabs tore it down; or the Church of the Nativity after Palestinian terrorists barracaded themselves at the start of the Intafadah. Why did Jordan kick out the Palestinians years ago anyway??

At 10:51 AM, Blogger ElexTech said...

From sick boy: "Palestinians want to cut Isreal in half, take the fertile land in the middle and northern half for themselves."

Actually, that's based upon the strategy which the North Vietnamese suggested to Arafat: Claim to be willing to accept half of "Palestine" while really intending to eventually take all of the land. Pretending to want only half the land was intended to lull foolish westerners into believing Arafat and the PLO really wanted peace. Obviously, this strategy worked well.

I got this info from the book "The High Cost of Peace" by Yossef Bodansky. I picked up this hardcover book at one of the Dollar Tree stores for one dollar. (Dollar Tree has become the book industry's elephants graveyard; books no longer on the best sellers lists go there to die.)


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