Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Girl's abortion was legal; the reason for it wasn't

Now that a judge has settled the question of whether a 13-year-old can consent to an abortion, the focus is shifting to another question: Can a 13-year-old consent to sex? Because Florida law says the answer is no, police correctly are trying to find the male who impregnated the teen identified as L.G.

It is unknown where L.G. got pregnant. In February, she ran away from a St. Petersburg group home, and later found out she was pregnant. She told her birth mother, who lost her parental rights in 2001, that she was living near the state home with a 28- or 30-year-old man.

A crime has been committed. Read the rest HERE.

Phone call to judge spurs debate

The Diocese of Palm Beach distanced itself Friday from an employee's statement that the judge who allowed a 13-year-old foster child to have an abortion should be denied communion. Read the rest HERE.


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