Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mark Fuhrman Probing Schiavo Case

NewsMax is reporting...

Famed detective Mark Fuhrman, whose independent investigation into the Martha Moxley murder led to the conviction of Kennedy-cousin Michael Skakel, is probing the Terri Schiavo forced starvation case.

He spent a month on the ground in Tampa. He's talked to many of the principals involved investigating the case and he's coming out with a book. Hannity said he personally contacted Mark Fuhrman in March to suggest he probe a myriad of unresolved questions about Ms. Schiavo's condition, including a 1991 bone scan report showing that Schiavo suffered fractures sometime prior to being found unconscious in her home in Feb. 1990.

Schiavo's family has repeatedly said they suspect Terri's condition was the result of a violent fight she had with her husband Michael. Police never probed the case for evidence of assault because by the time the bone scan became public in 2002, the statute of limitations had run.

Det. Fuhrman's investigation would be the first to review the case for evidence of a possible crime.

"All I can say,is that this is not over, stay tuned" said Furhman.

Fuhrman's book "Murder in Greenwich" was widely credited with blowing the lid off the Moxley-Skakel case.

Carl Limbacher from will be on the show Monday to talk about this story and more.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Randy said...

This will be an interesting trail.

May show a lot of corruption in the county and who has who's hands in the money pocket.


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