Monday, July 04, 2005

Bill Clinton Poses Social Security Remedy

Legalizing more immigrants would help bolster the Social Security system, former President Bill Clinton told the nation's largest Hispanic-rights organization Friday.

"Those of you who want immigration reform should use Social Security more," Clinton said to about 1,300 members of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "If we legalize just 250,000 more immigrants a year, it would solve half of the shortfall in the Social Security Trust Fund."

More legalized immigrants would put more young people in the system to help support the deluge of baby boomer retirees, Clinton said.

Now who says the Democrats don't have a plan? We've erased 43 million from the base of the ponzi scheme through legalized abortion. How do we make up for those missing numbers? According to Bill Clinton "bring more in".


At 5:56 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Hispanic Rights Group? You mean different colors have different rights?? Thought this is the United States, "all men are created equal"? So, Hispanics have different rights as opposed to Latinos, Indians, Blacks, Chinese, etc? Are they saying Hispanics are more "special" than others? Look up "embrace" and "exploit"; you decide. Bill Clinton? Who?Addressing the SSI problem: So, is that a defacto statement that positive results come from increasing the amount of those who refuse to "embrace" Americana, requiring more government housing of multi generational welfare "clients", which will cause the tax base (legal, naturalized, dare I say non colored) citezens to move OUT or away from an area with INCREASED criminal actibity of the aforementioned citizenry, and that the resulting urban blight is a good thing? Just curious... San Diego County ring a bell? Atlanta? Chicago? DC Metro? Dallas? Importing those who were born and raised in a Socialist oriented society will not increase the coffers. Rather, as history has proven, importing will only increase the "entitlement" mentality. Thus, potentially aborting Liberty and Independence; which are the qualities which could even allow such rhetoric and "entitlements" to exist. This abortion will result, not in only one or the other, but in the death of both the Mother and the resulting bastard children. Hello folks? Florida is number 3 in the nation with illegal aliens, the vast mojority of which are Hispanic and Latino. Fact. Don't believe me, read up on Lima, Peru, or Iquitos, Ecuador, Mexico City, Ponce Puerto Rico etc. Oh, don't forget this action will also require MORE government hiring of translators at the SSI offices, DMV, or any other state or federal office; higher taxes? just a thought....Calgon, take me away!


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