Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Racial slur leads to schoolyard beating

Check this story out! They can't tell you what really happened because of Political Correctness. I don't know the race/ethnicity of the perp or the victim. The won't even tell me what the racial slur was! Maybe they want you to guess! What's a 15 year old doing in 8th grade? When I was 15 I was a sophomore in highschool. How do you live in Lake Mary and go to Oviedo? Where is the perp now? Is he back on campus? Was he kicked out of another school? Why?

OVIEDO - Just days after a Milwee Middle School student was shot to death by law enforcement after brandishing a real-looking pellet gun, a student at Lawton Chiles Middle School was severely beaten at the hands of another student.

Police said the attack was motivated by a racial slur.

The injured child suffered a broken collarbone and several lacerations but was back in school the next day.

The alleged perpetrator, a 15-year-old eighth-grade student who lives in Lake Mary, was arrested for aggravated battery with the intent to cause bodily harm or disability. He was transported to the Seminole County Juvenile Assessment Center, according to law enforcement.

School district representatives would not explain why a student from Lake Mary was attending the Oviedo school.

According to the arrest report on file in the Oviedo Police Department, on Jan. 12, the school resource officer was standing in the courtyard at the school when she heard that a fight was taking place on school property.

The boy who allegedly inflicted the injuries became enraged after being called a racial expletive by another student and started a physical altercation.

The arrest report states that he intentionally struck the victim "by picking him up and throwing him on the ground, kicking him several times on the right side of the temple and punching him on the left side temple, causing bodily harm to the victim."

Jim Shupe, principal of Lawton Chiles Middle School, said the problem started off campus on a Web site accessed by many middle school students called The site allows its users to exchange photos, e-mail, Web-based journals called "blogs" and other personal information.


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