Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why is Mohamed watching Dora the Explorer?

WHO: Kevin Mooney, reporter


Middle Eastern terrorists are learning Spanish and Mexican culture south of the border, then sneaking across the Southwest border into Texas posing as Mexican immigrants looking for work, reports Staff Writer Kevin Mooney.

In his article, Mooney:

Talks to multiple southwestern sheriffs who confirm that terrorists are learning to pose as Mexicans and sneaking into Texas

Provides pictures of Arabic military patches and badges from terrorist-sponsoring countries (plane flying into tower, text like “martyr” and “achieve immortality”) found at the Rio Grande border.

Uncovers a camp in Brazil that trains terrorists to look and act Mexican so they can sneak into the U.S. posing as migrant workers.

Interviews a congressman who confirms this is happening and provides Kevin with documentation (a congressional study) shows that nearly 20,000 illegal aliens from terrorism-sponsoring countries are being caught each year – and that three-four times that number are getting through undetected .

Reports that some of the make-believe Mexicans are spending $50,000 to sneak into the U.S. with the help of Mexican soldiers or drug cartels – and, not just to take jobs Americans won’t do, Rep. Tom Tancredo tells Mooney.


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