Thursday, September 07, 2006

PC the "Local Guy" the networks turn to!

I've been on Fox with...
The O'Reilly Factor over a dozen times.
Heartland with John Kasich
Fox & Friends
Fox Live(afternoon show)

Live & Direct with Rita Cosby
Tucker(every Fiday at 4:30PM ET)

Flashpoint with Lauren Rowe

Recently named to Talkers Magazines(The Bible of Talk Radio) Talkers 250 (The Top 250 talkers in radio)

Named One of Orlando's Best Talk Show hosts(#2) by Orlando Magazine 2006.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

"Local Guy". You ain't no local guy. Yin's from the great white North, Philadelphia, just like that Glenn Beck guy that used to be around these parts... Hurricane chased him back up North! Youin's an outsider, kinda like that Alan Grayson's fellow that was runnin' for President of Florida... Yer gonna git runs outta here, maybe Governor Crotty will railroad youins' on that light rail; back up to the Amtrak station in Philadelphia!!! Want some Wiz on that cheesesteak ya'll?? Speak English furst! Git my drift? Clear Channel is gonna replace you with Doctor Laura. Now, Have a nice day!


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