Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tipping Point for War's Supporters?

From Today's Washington Post...

In Past Month, Even Stalwarts Have Called for Change in Iraq Policy

October 2006 may be remembered as the month that the U.S. experience in Iraq hit a tipping point, when the violence flared and shook both the military command in Iraq and the political establishment back in Washington.

If October does prove to be a turning point for the Iraq war, historians are likely to point to two events, one in domestic U.S. politics and the other in Iraq.

The first was Warner's visit to Baghdad. As the chairman of Armed Services, a stalwart Bush supporter and a pillar of the Republican establishment, he rattled much of Washington with his dour assessment Oct. 5. If events have not improved in 60 to 90 days, he said, the Bush administration should find a new course. While still opposed to a precipitous troop withdrawal, Warner made clear that staying the course is no longer a viable option.

In Iraq, meanwhile, the key moment was the realization by top commanders in mid-October that sending 12,000 U.S. troops back into Baghdad did not have the calming effect that had been hoped for. As Shiite-Sunni tensions erupted in the city, civilian casualties doubled in a matter of months, with 2,660 deaths in September alone.

"Operation Together Forward has made a difference in the focus areas, but has not met our overall expectations of sustaining a reduction in the levels of violence," Army Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV said Oct. 19, using the U.S. military name for the Baghdad operation. In other words, the U.S. military had played its ace in the hole -- it had asserted itself in Iraq's most important city -- yet had not been able to improve deteriorating security in the capital.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

I read earlier today on the website under ABC news, that Vietnam Vets were coming out against the Iraq war. I just checked so I could send you the link and it is gone... It discussed why they are against it; which I as a Vietnam vet agreed with everything said. Now there is an article posted after, that says Dept of Defense is monitoriny servicemens blogs, and websites... So I did a search and found this interesting website. Veterans against the Iraw war. There are seveal others as discussed in that article I can longer locate.

As a vietnam vet, and a civilian for Dept of the Army for 30 years, I don't think they fought a war to win. There are weapons that should have been used, that were not, that could have prevented US soldiers lives. Also, when you give up on the enemy, ie: the Republican guard at the onset, let them return home to fight another day, what can you expect. It was a bungled PC war to start with. Blame it on whoever, it was bungled. I said this a year ago and people called me a nut. Sadamm had the animals under control. These people have not gotten along in over a thousand years. How does anyone expect to force Democracy on the them under the law of Islam? Look what happened to Rev Jim Jones(coolaide cult, and these other cults, ie: Wacko, TX. Brainwashed... I would say so.. How do you unbrainwash people after over a thousand years, reinforced 5 times or more a day?

At 7:10 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Appeal for redress website by the Soldiers.


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