Monday, February 11, 2008

Planned Parenthood Closes Pro-Abortion Businesses in Five States

Washington, DC ( -- The nation’s largest abortion business has closed facilities in five states, including two locations in Illinois, one and Idaho and merging two in Kentucky. The abortion business claims the closures are the result of a lack of funding in the way of taxpayer dollars, even though the business maintains millions in the bank and makes money on an annual basis.

According to STOPP International, a watchdog group, Planned Parenthood closed an express clinic in Nampa, Idaho, an express clinic in Naperville, Illinois, and a non-express clinic in Lincoln, Illinois.

It has also closed or merged centers in Ohio and Michigan in recent weeks.

Planned Parenthood closed its Naperville facility because it recently opened a massive new abortion center in Aurora that has been the subject of international controversy because the abortion business used a fake name to get zoning approval to build it.
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