Friday, April 08, 2005

Editorial: Martinez's failure Our position: Blame ultimately rests with him for tawdry Schiavo memo.

The Orlando Sentinel Editorial unloads on Mel for the Schiavo Memo. Martinez seems to be challenged when it comes to telling the truth. He also has developed a disturbing pattern of blaming things on staff members rather than accepting personal responsibility for his actions. Watch for this story to take off big time this weekedend on shows like Meet The Press. I give it a shelf life of 3 weeks. The DNC is going to get all the mileage they can out of the coverup.

Check out this gem from the Sentinel...

Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida says he didn't know that his legal counsel had written the reprehensible memo that touted the partisan advantages of congressional intervention as Terri Schiavo lay dying.

Reprehensible? Reprehensible? Are you kidding me? Check out the actual memo HERE. Do you find anything reprehensible?

Sadly Mel Martinez has no one to blame but himself for this whole mess.


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