Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tim Sanders stopped by The PC Show to talk about the L-factor today.

The Likeability Factor:

How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your
Life’s Dreams
Sanders's message in this follow-up to his bestselling Love Is the Killer App isn't exactly a revelation: people who are well liked are more apt to get what they want out of life than those who are disliked. However, Sanders does offer a valuable look at the four personality traits he says contribute to a person's likeability—namely, friendliness, relevance (do you connect on interests or needs?), empathy and "realness" (genuineness or authenticity). Sanders, a Yahoo! leadership coach, is able to deconstruct complex subjects such as personality traits, and the book's value is in guiding readers toward understanding that likeability isn't an accident of birth but a skill that can be learned (exercises are included). No doubt every reader knows someone they'd like to give this book to, and perhaps people who suspect their own L-factor is low will find their way to it, too

L-Factor Self-Assessment
What’s your current L-Factor? In this short exercise, you can measure your personal likeability. Take the quiz HERE.


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