Monday, April 04, 2005

ABC: Pope "Controversial," "Too Conservative" for U.S. Catholics

ABC seemed ahead of the other networks in looking at Pope John Paul II's legacy through the prism of American liberals who see him as too conservative by U.S. political standards. Before he even passed away, ABC's Peter Jennings insisted that the Pope "was, of course, controversial here. Some American Catholics have chaffed at his insistence that they follow the Church's traditional social doctrines." Dean Reynolds cited "abortion, birth control, women priests" as issues which have "all driven a wedge between the Vatican and America." Less than two hours after ABC News reported the Pope's death on Saturday afternoon, anchor Bob Woodruff told Archbishop Wilton Gregory that "many believe" the "Pope has been too conservative socially for many Catholics in the United States." Woodruff soon pressed Father Richard McBrien of Notre Dame about the Pope's stands on "women in the priesthood, birth control and so on." O'Brien scolded the media, recalling how "every time the Pope made a visit to the United States...the media would pull out the usual suspects, you know, abortion, birth control, ordination of women, clerical celibacy."


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

I am not a formally educated man. I attended the school of hard knocks. Some of those "knocks" came from Sister Francis Verna and Mrs. Lombardo. As a Catholic, and through 35 years of life, I have come close to understanding "Faith". We follow a dogma which was established in 325 A.D. in Nicea, and which has evolved with the ever complexities within the world. The Catholic Church is not a club or organization. It is not a political party which relies on polling to further it's control of a people. It is a Faith. It is regimented, codified, a rock which is impervious to change of it's moral convictions. It is not a faith in which one, independant person is to pick and choose when it is comfortable. I am not perfect. It is a challenge navigating today's world. I trip and stumble, but as a Catholic, I am afforded the opportunity to reconcile with God and the faith. In my opinion, if the "Cafe Catholics" do not like the regimin, discipline, or just plain not comfortable with the Catechism they should find another "Faith" to believe in. Some, I feel, are attempting to capitilize on the wave of irresponsibility, lack of accountability, and apathy within popular culture. Ultratolerance is not the answer; devotion, sacrifice, and willingness to be accountable for one's actions is. If you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People liked the other Pope but noboby really wants to actually follow the teachings. Most people are Cathoilc in name only.


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