Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fox Military Analyst Colonel David Hunt stops by the PC Show

Can Government Prevent Another Terrorist Attack?

New Book by FOX News Military Analyst Colonel David Hunt Reveals how

Politicians are Putting America at Risk

WASHINGTON – Almost four years after the attacks of 9/11, Americans have lost sight of a frightening problem: The threat from Islamic terrorists is real and urgent.

In the explosive new book, THEY JUST DON’T GET IT: How Washington Is Still Compromising Your Safety—and What You Can Do About It (Crown Forum, April 12, 2005), FOX News military analyst Colonel David Hunt cuts through all the pundits’ hot air and the politicians’ posturing to lay out a case that will alarm—but ultimately empower—every American.

Colonel Hunt, a 29 year U.S. Army veteran who has dedicated his career to fighting terrorism, reveals how the people charged with protecting us still aren’t getting the job done. He exposes politicians and bureaucrats in the military and the intelligence community for sabotaging the War on Terror and putting Americans at risk. And Colonel Hunt goes a step further, showing exactly what all Americans can and must do to protect themselves and their families.

Based on Colonel Hunt’s extensive counterterrorism experience and his numerous high-level sources in the military and the intelligence community, THEY JUST DON’T GET IT reveals:

Ø Never-before-published documents—some taken straight from the terrorists—providing stark proof that the terrorist threat is far worse than we feared

Ø How recent intelligence “reforms” are mere window dressing—and even harm our efforts to track terrorists

Ø Specific steps that every American can take to protect his or her family—and Colonel Hunt is not talking about the useless tips the government has offered

Ø How we can fight the War on Terror and still safeguard civil liberties

Ø How to fix the intelligence disaster (and no, the politicians still haven’t fixed it)

Ø How we got into this mess in the first place: it’s mostly because our government let the problem fester for three decades

Colonel David Hunt (Ret.), a twenty-nine-year U.S. Army veteran, has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He played a key role in what remains the only military takedown of an active terrorist camp, and he has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics and served as security adviser to six different Olympic Games.


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