Friday, April 22, 2005

Neighbor's Fliers May Have Led To Offender's Death

WESH is reporting...

OCALA, Fla. -- Neighborhood activism against a local sex offender may have contributed to his apparent suicide.

A registered sex offender who served his time reportedly killed himself Wednesday after his neighbors posted fliers with his face and the words "Child Rapist" all over his Marion County neighborhood.

Are the people that hung the signs responsible for this guy pulling a Kurt Cobain?

Check out this e-mail I got from a local sex offender...


I am a fan of you radio show and I listen most morning on my way to work. First I want you to know that the Jessica Lunsford case sickens me, as much as it does you. Those responsible should be locked up for a VERY long time. Now I must tell you something I don’t even tell those closest to me. I am a sex offender. When my daughter was 15 I touched her breast through her clothes. I molested her. This is something I am very ashamed of and something I will work at the rest of my life to make up too her. Currently we get along well. We speak and exchange gifts and express love for each other, but because of my condition we do not hug or get physically close to each other. I hope one day she will trust me enough to start hugging me again.

I committed my crime due to a VERY bad marriage; I got confused and became misguided and turned to my daughter for acceptance. This is wrong, but I am not a threat to anyone else. As soon as I committed my crime I realized I had hurt my daughter tremendously. I insisted she get counseling as well as me. I never denied my crime or bargained with the prosecutor for a lower sentence. I owed it to my daughter to own up to my short comings and try to provide an example of what a person should do if the make a mistake or even in my case, commit a crime.

I tell you this not to gain respect, sympathy, or even to cause rage. I tell you this because I think Florida needs more then just 2 categories of sex offenders. Currently there are offenders and predators. Most people do not know the difference. I think there should be more categories for people who have made terrible mistakes and then other for people who are likely to re-offend. I hope I am not fooling myself by thinking I am not the same as other offender or predators. I hope I am not like them.

Currently I live in an upscale Central Florida community. My employer and my friends do not know what happened. If my employer finds out, I would be let go. I would be unable to finds another job that would pay the mortgage on my house, due to the background check. I realize I make a major mistake. I have owned up to it, I regret it, and I am trying to make amends with my daughter, but should my future and that of my families be at risk for as long as I live due to just one mistake in my life? I have never been arrested before, and the most serious trouble I have had with the law prior and since this incident, is speeding tickets.

You are welcome to use this information in you show if you would like, I only ask you keep my personal information confidential as to not jeopardize the security of my family more then I already have.

I welcome your constructive comments.



At 11:23 AM, Blogger Sleuthmom said...


I'm not sure of the name of the sex offender that wrote you that letter, but it could have just as easily been written by an offender whose identity I recently learned, "Mr. X" of "Upscale Neighborhood". The description of "your" offender's life very closely matches Mr. X's,however, Mr. X's probation officer told me that Mr. X had shown his 15 year old step-daughter and her friend some porno while he was pleasuring himself.
My builder started building my new house in "Upscale Neighborhood" on Monday. The house will be located on the next street over from Mr. X's. My husband and I are putting our life savings into this house and we are scared that our property value might go down when everyone learns we have a sex offender on the next block.
Mr. X's house is fairly close to a school bus stop and a playground. Although there are lots of children in the area, Mr. X's probation officer says they can't force Mr. X to move because X's house is just slightly farther away from the playground than the 1,000 yards mandated by his probation.
A neighbor told me that originally Mr. X was not to be around minor children without supervision (except his 6 year old daughter). She says that somehow Mr. X got a judge to lift that restriction and now Mr. X shows up at social events where there are children present. It's driving the parents crazy that Mr. X is there, but they can't legally do a single thing about it.
This past Wednesday, Mr. X was arrested for a probation violation and put in jail. He will be arraigned on Monday. Because he's got plenty of money, Mr. X will almost certainly make bail and be out until his hearing in about 30 days.
I found out about Mr. X because someone had posted on a community bulletin board a print-out from the FDLE sex offender list with his picture on it. Apparently, Mr. X and his wife go around pulling down the flyers evey time new ones are posted. Yes, I'm sure it is very embarrassing to Mr. and Mrs. X. But just like the parents in the community where the man killed himself over the flyers naming him as a sex offender, the parents at "Upscale Neighborhood" have a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to protect their children. In addition, the residents of the neighborhood have a right to protect their property values and the reputation of their community.
With the help of his high- power realtor/mother,Mr. X has already done one quick move from "Very Nice Neighborhood" to "Upscale Neighborhood" to escape the initial neighborhood scrutiny, gossip, and ridicule. Who knows how long he will stay at "Upscale Neighborhood," but just like other offenders, he has to face the consequences of his actions. How he chooses to deal with those consequences is his resopnsibility, not mine.
Personally, I think this arrogant, deviant rich brat should just go live in a trailer in a swamp somewhere.

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