Thursday, April 14, 2005

State Attorney Brad King responds

Brad King has not returned my calls regarding Jessica Lunsford. However, he did respond via e-mail to one of my listeners Gordon from Titusville. Here's his reply.

I appreciate your concern about this case. I have detailed to the local
press the reasons why none of these persons violated the criminal law of
Florida. For your information I will explain why that is true.

First, there is no crime in Florida of lying to the police. The Florida
Legislature has never seen fit to make that a crime.

Second, there is no crime in Florida of not reporting a crime or not
giving information to the police. Further more, contrary to some
reports, there is no evidence in this case that the three knew that
Couey had committed a crime against Jessica.

Third, the aider and abetter statute in Florida specifically allows
relatives to assist one another in avoiding or escaping detection from
having committed a crime. Dorothy Dixon is the defendants sister and
therefore is legally allowed to assist him. See Fla. Stat. 777.03(1).

Noone finds what these people did more offensive than I do. But, I have
sworn an oath to follow the law of Florida as enacted by the
Legislature. If they do not choose to make certain acts a crime, I do
not have the right to do so. Regardless of how outraged I am concerning
the actions of these three.

I hope this explains why nothing can be done about them.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Sir, with all due respect, what do you mean nothing can be done? Let's start with shoring up the parolee's accountability. Let's start with protecting the rights of the murdered. "Nothing" can be done? "Nothing" is the reason this happened! "Nothing" was followed up on the pedophile. "Nothing" was searched within the trailer. "Nothing" is done to ensure child rapists, Crack addicts, and general degenerates don't re enter the civilized world. Roast 'em all! As a parent of two, woe be unto thee if a tragedy like this falls on me. Angry am I? Emotional you say? YOU BET! It is funny that "law" restrict's the prosecution of these knuckleheads. Adultery is against the "law"; was Schiavo prosecuted? Just curious. Lady Justice seems to peek under the blindfold for excons; she seems to be in a straight jacket for the victims. "Someday, a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the street's."

At 2:21 PM, Blogger TAINA said...

sir, it is sickening what fla is allowing. i sent you an email regarding what is going on with that pervert from the seminole county felon registrar's office. he is a sexual predator and got off with a slap on the wrist. i wonder if the state attorney in brevard who wheeled and dealed for this Joseph Scutero, an NYPD and fla cop, is protecting this predator or the victims. this 61 yr old pervert got 6 months probation, he has to take an AIDS awareness class, and pay costs. you know what this guy is gonna strike again because he has no respect for the LAW. he negotiated with these girls for sex and used his power as a law enforcement officer to take advantage. He was and is being protected because they should have tried him in seminole county instead of my daughter getting an apologetic letter from the Sheriff's office. The LAW is protecting their own also. i hope the person who wrote sick boy understands that the LAW hides their own sexual predators. These girls either keep quiet or get killed. This is what is happening to these poor little girls and they are murdered so they ddon't speak. i'm angry, because i too was repeatedly sexually abused and no one helped me. Well i'm a grown woman now and i'm protecting my daughter and anybody else's daughter. I'm a voter, and Jeb, and our legislators are doing nothing. i'm angry lady justice has left our country


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