Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How pathetic! Another faked Hate Crime. Remember it's all about VICTIM status.

Alleged gay-bashing at Marin high school a hoax, police said

MILL VALLEY ---- A 17-year-old top wrestler at an area high school here faked a series of gay-bashing incidents that prompted a police investigation, authorities said.

The rash of gay-bashing incidents at Tamalpais High School was the work of a student gay leader who claimed she was the victim of hate crimes, according to Mill Valley Police Capt. James Wickham.

The 17-year-old girl who leads the school's Gay-Straight Alliance admitted to authorities she was the perpetrator of the incidents, which included vandalizing her own car with derogatory graffiti, police said.

Other incidents involved teachers who received threatening telephone messages.

"It has been determined that all the incidents have been committed by a single individual," Wickham said.

The student was not identified by police.

The girl has been suspended and could face expulsion, said Bob Ferguson, district school superintendent.

"She confessed to everything," Ferguson said. "She did admit to police that it was basically for attention."

The student was not arrested, but police said the case would be referred to the Marin County District Attorney's Office for review.

In a series of incidents dating back to November, the student claimed she was the target of hateful language, with anti-gay epithets scrawled on her car and on her school locker. She told police she was pelted with eggs outside her home by an unknown assailant.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

False official statements occur daily. I think the writer needs to pick up a copy of a dictionary and or thesaurus. The hypothetical assailants commited vandalism which had ANTI HOMOSEXUAL themes. Anti Gay? So these fantasy thugs are Pro Sadness? Anti Gleeful? Hate Crime my butt. This whole "Hate Crime" movement is another ploy to undermine personal responsibility, accountability, and general common sense as it is applied for those who are NOT heterosexual, not of a Technicolor Dream Coat world, God fearing, law abiding, "documented" American's. I, as a person who looks at all sides before judging, understanding there is a very "diverse" world, do not fear the queer. Queer means different. Kind of punny isn't it? I have spoken with my sister, who by the way isn't from the Isle of Lesbos, she is an admitted HOMOSEXUAL, about similar topics and she agrees with the personal responsibility aspect. If you demand acceptance, legislate acceptance, cry wolf; you'll get nipped at once and awhile. Remember, everytime you see the words "gay" or "lesbian", insert the word HOMOSEXUAL. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel, and how much more truthful you'll be. If you have to wear your sexuality on your sleeve, demand special "rights", and try to equate priviledge with rights are, well sadly; weak of character and "antiGayfully" full of hate for those of us who realize hot dogs and donuts go together. In the story, replace "17 year old student" with the word "PEDOPHILE". Queer isn't it?


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