Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mexican President Vicente Fox Doing What He Can To Set Race Relations Back About 40 Years

"There's no doubt that Mexican men and women — full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work — are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."

Mexico Leader Regrets Comments About African Americans

Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Monday for any hurt feelings that resulted over a comment he made about blacks in the United States. In a speech last Friday in which he talked about the dedication of Mexican workers in the U.S., Fox said they're willing to take jobs that, quote, "even blacks" won't do.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher called the remark, quote, "very insensitive and inappropriate," according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, African American leaders, including the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, asked Fox to apologize for what they saw as offensive remarks.

Fox initially said that his comment was misinterpreted, but eventually told both Jackson and Sharpton that he, quote, "regretted any hurt feelings" and has great respect for the African-American community in the United States. He also invited the two leaders to Mexico to discuss how to better the relationship between blacks and Hispanics in the U.S.

Many Mexicans, however, believe Americans overreacted to Fox's comments, including said Manuel Espino, leader of the conservative National Action Party, who said, "This is an exaggeration. There have been a lot harsher comments that come from north of the border, and we don't scream and shout about it."

Fox is partially right, I don't know why he singled out blacks. Illegal immigrants, I'm sorry, undocumented workers are doing jobs that Americans are unwilling to do or they are doing it at below market value. They are a cheap labor force being exploited. They wouldn't be here if there wasn't a demand for their services. We are part of the problem! I also believe that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will come back from their visit to Mexico with buckets full of cash.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

All this hub bub and not a single riot? Most AMERICANS I know don't need a hyphen. Are the white South Africans who live in the U.S. allowed to use "African-American when filling out forms for anything? Pres. Vincente is correct for the most part. Jesse and Al will come back with alms for themselves. Have any of them gone to the Sudan, or Rwanda to "enlighten" their "brothers"? What a bunchh of hypocrits! Technically speaking, Vincente is promoting a soft bigotry towards fellow AMERICAN's. The end result of illegal aliens supporting our work force is slave labor. The situation will only GET WORSE. Ol' Perot is beginning to look like a prophet. End all this with ending social welfare for the able bodied, some of them 3rd generational receipiants, will be a good step. Who picked the veggies before welfare? Poor Americans with the fortitude to work hard and not take handouts. Closing the border is, to quote an American car company, "Job #1". Enforcing the laws already on the books wouldn't hurt either. Eli Whitney? Dr. Salk? George Washington Carver? Dr. Rice? Gen. Powell? Crispus Attucks? Flying Tigers? Buffalo Soldiers? No. We have Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, Fity Cents, Flava Flav, and other shake down artists. Heck, M.C. Hammer was at least in the Navy for 8 years!The next thing we will hear is tthe plight of the alien is a civil rights issue,. Juan Valdez didn't have to come to America to pick "the richest, most aromatic coffee" did he?

At 10:42 PM, Blogger jgp said...

"I'm sorry, undocumented workers are doing jobs that Americans are unwilling to do or they are doing it at below market value."

UNWILLING to do hardly, not willing to do for slave labor wages, yes.

Look at the buliding trades in Orlando. My new neighborhood is crawling with hispanic workers, doing, foundation, masonry, drywall, tile, painting, the list goes on and on.

These were once good paying jobs, but now that the contractors have an eager pool of indentured servants, they offer 30-40% less for the service. Of course these illegals will take the job. They made 2 dollars a week in Mexico if that. Here they live high on the hog at below market value. They are not going to complain. The contractor gets cheap labor, and if they make a stink they can always fire them or turn them into the INS.

Regardless, PAT, I cant believe you are actually defending this take over of the trades by immigrants and illegals. If the contractor is paying less for the labor shouldnt the house cost less too? But it doesnt does it? In fact the price of the homes rose an average of 54,000 dollars last year, who is making the profit off of the slave labor at the expense of US citizens that have been doing these jobs for years but now can not afford to as some wetback will do it for next to nothing.

Ive got a great idea, lets start improting illegals from Bangladesh, they will work for 1/2 what an illegal from Mexico will work for.

Where does it stop PAT?

This is the worst of both worlds. US citizens loosing their jobs that they were WILLING to do provided they were paid a commensurate wage, and jose who doesnt know jack sh#t about brick work is suddenly a mason. You dont need to look past the last 3 huricanes to see how poorly the homes have been constructed here in last few years.

I guess that is just coincidental to the influx of illegals in the building trades.

Ive been in plenty of bulidings in MEXICO they cant build down there either.

You are so wriong on this issue it is not even funny.

Get rid of the illegals and then the contractors will have to pay competitive wages for the service. Then you will see plenty of AMERICANS willing and able to do the jobs, just as it always has been.

I guess you do not have a problem with sweatshop/slave labor either. After all they are probablly doing the jobs that AMERICANS dont want anymore.

For the most part you have impressed me as a pretty smart guy. But you are just dead wrong on this issue.

Cant wait for the day we start seeing illegal radio tallent, willing to do what overpaid talking heads are doing now.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

They are ILLEGAL, not undocumented. NAFTA put us in the toilet, CAFTA will flush it. As far as illegal radio talent, well, just tune your AM in the late evening and at night on the weekends. Stealing radio waves as well. Pirating abound. Yes, I know the atmosphere, after sunset, allows for more distant reception. I guess Deltona is on the otherside of the world, cause I can't even get the usual stations. I mean the "50,000 Blow Torch" of 540 fades considerably after 18:30 anyway. Bleed over is ridiculous, Daytona doesn't even get in. The end result of all of this IS slave labor. Just look at what China is doing with our scrap metal. No wonder Wal Mart is so popular. Inexpensive Chinese crap! (don't tell anyone this, and I'll deny everything, but when do their DVD players go on sale again?)

At 12:25 AM, Blogger jgp said...

Dont even get me started on Wall Mart.

It kills me that they market themselves as the RED/WHITE /Blue all American business.

Im just not going to go here, if you think my blogsd are long this would take years to write.

I will not support this store or its affiliates no matter how much there DVDS cost ;)


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