Monday, May 16, 2005

#84! Your Tax Dollars at Work: HS Football Coach Arrested at Park For Giving Oral Sex to County Worker - Does it help to know it was a park were the school district routinely takes kids to teach them about nature? Probably not. Jeffrey Saunders, an assistant football coach at Lake Howell High School was arrested over the weekend after police caught him committing sexual acts with another man (a county employee named John Salvatore) at Seminole Environmental Studies Park. Interestingly enough, Saunders was teaching and coaching despite an arrest at the same park back in 2002 for soliciting sex from an undercover officer. Why wasn't that incident caught in Saunders background check when he was hired at the school? Because he was already an employee starting in 2001 and the district relies on--I'm not making this up--an honor system for employees to report themselves should they be arrested. According to a shocked school official Saunders arrest "appears to have exposed a loophole in the background check system." Ya think? Oh, and even though the park is used for school field trips, it's also a well-known hangout for gay men who want anonymous sex. I'm thinking it may not be as popular know as it used to be. Saunders has been suspended from his job as an assistant coach at Lake Howell. Hat Tip to Bob Reno's Bad Jocks.
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