Friday, June 17, 2005

Don't Hold Your Breath For This Sorry Excuse

Please read this column by DANIEL RUTH of the Tampa Tribune. It is hilarious, dripping with venom!

By any standard of common decency, Michael Schiavo is owed the mother of all apologies by the likes of radio goober Glenn Beck, the Morton Downey Jr.-lite of the airwaves.


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Thunder Pig said...

Pat, I totally disagree with Mr. Ruth on this issue. However, Mr. Beck, Hannity, Et al, (including myself) do owe Terrys' famliy an apology for not stopping her murder.
We should have been more organised, willing to take the effort to show up in numbers that would have required an army to stop us. Civil Disobedience on Dr. Kings' model where the authorities would have HAD TO put thousands in jail, by carrying us one-by-one into custody.
That may be against the law, and it is surely politically incorrect. The question I put to you ( as I now put it to myself), If Terry had been your daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend,what would you have done differently?

I admit my actions would have been different.

So, I offer my apologies to both God and the Schindler family, please forgive me.
Maybe I will act differently the next time.


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