Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do I owe Michael Schiavo an apology?

Check out my hate mail.

You can go ahead and issue an apology to Schiavo's husband for all the crap you pumped out during the circus. You and Bud encouraged all the fringe morons who said she recognized her parents, and smiled, and followed balloons, and just needed a little therapy. She had no cognitive functions at all. She was blind. No trauma. A Vegetable--and she had been that way for years. You and the rest of the nitwits should be ashamed of the way you handled the situation. You brought no intelligence to the situation--you just added to the sensationalism without questioning the stupid fringe knuckleheads that continued to call in and encourage the government (both Bush morons) to intervene. Whatever your convictions, you should have been a voice of reason. No way Bud's going to do it--he once called Alligators "immoral". The only radio personality with any guts--and he lost stations for it--was Boortz. He said she was brain dead from day one.
Nick D.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Heeeell no. Nothing you have said has been out of line; maybe "offensive", but truth stings a bit at times (right Mike?) As far as the autopsy goes: It seemed to me address only the potential areas in question. Her diagnosis of PVS, brain function, and the bs of an even more peaceful death through dehydration. Where does the blind thing play? Patronizing Greer? Debunking eye tracking of a balloon? Hmmm. Questions to be answered: What put her in that state? Why the "delay" in calling EMS? Why wasn't a stroke ruled out in the beginning? Anuerism? Asphyxia? Atrophy of the brain is due to two major factors; lack of intense stimuli to a compromised brain, and dehydration. It only takes 4 minutes of oxygen deprivation to cause neuron death. Even so, with INTENSE rehab the brain can reroute processes to "relearn" functions. Furthermore, the alterior motive for the situation is money. Not so much for M. Schiavo, but the HOSPICE providers in general. In Florida alone, within the next 20 years, 40% of our residents will be over the age of 65. With the concurrent rise of "diseases" within the Baby Boomer generation do we honestly think there will be enough money for the HOSPICES to break even? Even with donations? Somewhere down the line, in my opinion, the some of the taxes collected by Fl will be diverted to fund the HOSPICE industry; a sort of "Serving Public Health and Welfare". I also imagine MORE diagnosis' of more "Terminal" patients to alleviate the strained health care industry. Hunters call it "thinning the herd". I submit that many of those who sent hate mail also are "outraged" at the treatment at GITMO, oppose Bush at every turn, are "Pro Choice", whine at states rights when it suits there agenda vice serving the constitution, and "feel" if the infinite definition of God should be changed if a particular dogma runs counter to their unholy alliance with the Culture of Death. Here comes the denial and counter accusations...The truth stings at times.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger POC said...

Just wonderering why none of these left wingers had the guts to cry for a swift execution of Mrs. Shiavo. Why were the sadistic bastards so adament about straving her to death?
Doesn't sound like a pleasent way to die but mayby thats the only way they get their "jollies".


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