Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ax to grind?

Hotel paid Guetzloe during center fight
His anti-tax group pushed Gaylord Palms' convention-center plan.

Doing business with Doug a nasty habit by Scott Maxwell

Column: Keen must go over Guetzloe by Mike Thomas

Shameful waste
Our position: Keen's actions show he has no business leading the Expressway Authority.

From Scott Maxwell's blog...


After reading your blog yesterday and going to the link to Bud’s podcast of his interview, this whole deal boils down to one issue. Doug Guetzloe has railed against the ‘Vested Special Interests’, ‘High Paid Consultants’, and other diversions for our tax money for years, but needs to look in the mirror. This huckster comes along, complains about the expenditures by local government and the wasted money that they pay out. He made himself exactly what he rails against, an overpaid consultant that provides nothing in return. For $107,000 he provided a 2 ½ page summary that essentially said “don’t raise tolls”. In his interview with Bud, he keeps telling us that he separates his “professions”; Talk Show Host, Consultant, and Activist. In light of the conflicts that he puts himself into, he’s made himself visible for what he is, a hypocrite. I’ve never cared for his brand of political smears, but after this, I feel that he is nothing more than a con-artist and huckster, whoring himself out to the highest bidder. His 3 or 4 regular callers to his radio show may still support him and not see this for what it is, but at least Orlando is learning more about him. Finally.

Thanks again,
Adrian Johansson

The Orlando Magic have paid embattled political consultant Doug Guetzloe $200,000 to keep the anti-tax activist from launching a campaign to kill a new arena ...


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