Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mind Set!: Reset Your Thinking and See the Future

John Naisbitt stopped by the show to discuss the future.

In a preview of his upcoming book, John Naisbitt shows how to select, evaluate and organize the information that forms the pictures of the future.

The world is never transforming as a whole, nor is everything changing. Most things remain constant. But what are the important shifts taking place in this world and which of the many paths lead into the future? How can we find out and how can we benefit?

Your goal should not be to become a library of information, but to pick and chose what is relevant for you and your field of endeavor. With many examples from sports, science, business and politics at all levels, John Naisbitt shows how you can set your mind to see the future. Among the 11 Mindsets that have helped him the most are: "Don't add unless you subtract," "Focus on the score of the game," "Understand how powerful it is not to have to be right," and "Don't get so far ahead of the parade they don't know you are in it."

You will be able to reconstruct the process which led to the creating of John Naisbitt's pictures of the first half of this 21st century: The Visual world; The shift from Nation States to Economic Domains; Europe's future and China's role in the world; and why waiting for the Next Big Thing is not any better than waiting for Godot. MIND SET! provides pictures of the future and illustrates the impact of deliberately developed thinking.


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