Saturday, October 07, 2006

**UPDATE** on our Cop Killer.

For your discernment.
I received an unsolicited e-mail from a listener in Sarasota with the following information;

Journal Reveals A Killer's Thoughts
By ANTHONY McCARTNEY The Tampa Tribune
Published: Oct 7, 2006

Angilo O. Freeland is a Muslim(these references could also be Rastafarian), his references to "Most High" is Allah. This guy was hard core military trained, he shot two cops and the police dog with one clip in a 9mm hand gun while running through the woods on 9/28/06, he hid under a tree trunk in the same area and did not move for almost 24 hours in 90 degree heat with no water and bugs crawling all over him while cops walked within 10 yards of him, they shot him 68 times on 9/29/06.

Angilo Freeland had a AK-47, a SKS semi auto rifle with 30 round clip and another hand gun stashed at the home in Lakeland where he was staying, he was in Sarasota earlier on the same day, 9/28/06.

It appears that Angilo O. Freeland got a speeding ticket in Sarasota on the same day 9/28/06 as the shooting in Lakeland, the Tampa Tribune printed my info today, 10/07/06, about the ticket.
Angilo O. Freeland was driving a rental car, where did he get it and why ?
This guy was a sleeper.

Bill Warner

I'm still trying to determine his legal status. He appears to have been from the Virgin Islands and has a SSN issued in Puerto Rico? It's all rather confusing.


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