Saturday, October 21, 2006

I made my weekly appearance on MSNBC's Tucker Friday

I'll have audio for you Monday morning. Here's what we talked about...

Panel Discussion - gsts: Pat Campbell (Host, "The Pat Campbell Show" on 540 WFLA Orlando, FL) and Alex Bennett (Host, The Alex Bennett Program on SIRIUS)

D BLOCK TOPIC #1 - PLAYING THE TERROR CARD? GOP ad puts focus on terror - E-mailed pitch aims to energize party activists

D BLOCK TOPIC #2 - CLINTON BACK IN THE GAME? VP Bill? Depends on Meaning of 'Elected'

D BLOCK TOPIC #3 - COLLEGES BLAME AMERICA? The Institute for Jewish and Community Research released a report yesterday based on a survey of American faculty. There have been similar reports released in the past, but this is the most comprehensive of its kind, and also the first to specifically target the issue of groupthink on American campuses. The survey not only shows the pervasiveness of groupthink, but also highlights the ideas that are popular on American campuses:

-Almost one third of faculty cited America as one of the world's most dangerous nations.
-More than half of faculty said they blame American polices for the growth of Islamic militancy.
-Almost half of faculty said that many of the problems that now exist in Middle Eastern countries can be traced to misguided American policies.

IJCR also offers some policy recommendations to address this issue - namely a more active role by all university stakeholders, including federal and state governments.

Here's last week's(Oct.13th) transcript.


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