Saturday, October 21, 2006

Slaying tightens school's security

Thug of the week

Grief counselors and Orange County deputies were expected to turn out in force this morning at the school in northeast Orange to reassure students and parents.

To reassure them of what?

Their school is safe? That would be a lie.

Everything is ok? It obviously isn't, one student is dead another hopefully will spend his life in jail or better yet be executed.

They don't have a gang problem? Many students stayed home Friday fearing retaliation.

How do we prevent this from happening again?

Sheriff Beary wants to go after pocket knives.

The stabbing of Michael Nieves during a fight over a girl prompted school administrators and Sheriff Kevin Beary to criticize state legislators for failing to classify "common" pocketknives as concealed weapons.

Orange County Schools Superintendent Ron Blocker has already ruled out the one thing that could make a difference, metal detectors.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Buy or rent your very own personal metal detector, just like they use in the Miami schools. For yourself, or maybe a Christmas gift for your kids teacher!


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