Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Audio: Cindy Sheehan says she “planted” her uterus in Crawford

HotAir is reporting...
"Over the summer I had a hysterectomy, and um, I got my "parts" back. I thought I could just [inaudible] on eBay, you know, [inaudible] Cindy Sheehan's uterus. And so I planted it in the garden where the bush, it's a pretty bush. It's so funny because me and my children, we'll always be a part of, of Crawford, Texas. Long after people forgot the horror of the Bush regime, long after, you know, we're forgotten. We'll always, our DNA will always be in the land audio Hear the audi HERE.

This lady is deeply disturbed and needs psychiatric help. She's had some type of breakdown. Even more disturbing are the people laughing as she tells the story. It's all rather sad.


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