Saturday, November 25, 2006

I went to the Street Of Dreams Friday

Unbelievable! The best of everything.

Read about it here...

Heavenly homes:Home tour gives a look inside luxury mansions

See it here...

The 2006 Orlando Street of Dreams at Bella Collina

After careful deliberation my wife and I settled on the modest Villa Esperanza.

Square footage
11,175 Heated/air-conditioned
19,288 Under roof

Sale Price
$5,800,000.00(unfurnished, excluding lot)

We're checking on financing right now.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Hate to tell you Pat... A real estate friend of mine told me OJ just put a deposit on the home next door to your modest "Villa Esperanza"; one of the big name Magic players (I can't release his name), put a deposit on the other side; and someone named M. Jackson is building across the street.. Maybe you want to consider staying in your old ghetto hood... in Seminole County. Far away... from murder city. Orlando..

At 7:22 PM, Blogger FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Dear Pat,

Off Topic, but wanted you to see this.

I listen most every morning, but I am not the type to call in. So, I am writing this e-mail to you to tell you about the traffic lights in Orlando, as I have seen it play out over the years (I was born here).

When I was in High School, in Kissimme, my Boyfriend taught me how to drive. I remember one day we were going South on Orange Avenue, Downtown during one of my driving lessons, and He said, "If you get the first light green, and go 30 MPH, you hit every light green." This was in the early 70's. (I went to Osceola High with Buddy)

So, then Y2K came along. Do you remember it? If you remember, no computers had 4 spaces for their years, two spaces, ie. 99 was as high as the date program would go. So, 00 would be 1900, not 2000 in computer talk.

Y2K means Year 2000.

Well, Mayor Glenda Hood had community Y2K meetings and I would attend, because I have lived downtown Orlando since 1992, and had an interest in getting answers, much like you.

In the panic of Y2K, the city, under Mayor Hood, set ALL of the "traffic lights" Computer System’s 'date programs' back to the early 70's in the year 1999, with intention, as it is the City's Y2K solution. The red lights now think it is around 1978, I reckon. It was a smart, fast and cheep computer glitch fix.

So, that is why the lights are not in sync with today’s modern traffic patterns. Y2K, to answer your question of this morning, Tuesday, Nov. 28.

To this day, if you hit the first light green, going south on Orange Avenue, you will hit every light
green if you go 30 MPH, just like when I was in High School in the early 70's.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Off topic, but speaking of red lights and Y2K... Maybe even waste, fraud, and abuse. I think it was 1993, that Red Bug Lake Road in Seminole County was turned into 4 - 6 lanes. It was rerouted where it dead ended into Slavia Road; than routed to connect with Mitchell Hammock Rd in Oviedo. (Using donated land the from Duda family) Low and behold, we now had room and access to build the Oviedo mall.

When they widened Red Bug road, Seminole County was touting the state of the art technology in red light controls, they were installing as part of the road improvement at a cost of over 1M. This computerized system would monitor traffic flow from 436 into downtown Oviedo, and if you went the speed limit, you would not hit one red light on your commute. It was such high tech that it monitored, and compensated for the flow of traffic for different times of the day... OK.. Y2k.. What happened here?? If I recall it worked for maybe 30 days...

Have you noticed in Seminole County when you stop at an intersection the left turn arrow comes on before the through traffic. In Orange County it is the opposite. The through traffic signal runs it's course before the left turn arrow. What's with that? 2KY? Every town I have visited in CA, has their lights timed, so if you go the speed limit, you hit all green lights. Are they screwed up now in CA from Y2K? (I have not been to CA since 1999.) Timing lights doesn't seem like rocket science to me... It works elsewhere, why not in Central Florida?


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