Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday Richard Miniter broke big news developments about the flying imams with never before told stories from the passengers.... Mr. Miniter has a story in the New York Post today and online (with never-before-seen exclusives: the official police report & a letter to U.S. Airways from a passenger). The story has been on Drudge yesterday and today. Check it out:


THE FAKING IMAMS -- Pajamas Media Exclusive: Police Report, Passenger Reveals That Flying Imams Were Up to No Good

Doug Hagmann from NEIN joins me Monday morning at 6AM with even more disturbing information.

Here's what FOX News is saying...
Six imams were kicked off a US Airways flight last week in Minneapolis for committing several acts of suspicious behavior, not just because they said their evening prayers before boarding the plane, a police report shows, contradicting earlier media reports.

US Airways manager Robby Taylor Davis told police three of the six imams had one-way only tickets and only one passenger checked luggage. He also said in the police report that most of the six requested seat-belt extensions typically used by obese people despite being thin.

Also, a passenger on the plane who speaks Arabic heard the group mention Saddam Hussein and criticize the United States' involvement in Iraq. The passenger, whose named was redacted from the police report, said he saw two of the men take seats in the front of the plane, two take seats in the middle, and two more in the back.
Click here to read the full police report.


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