Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Does Orlando need the Guardian Angels?

From Local6.com

Guardian Angels May Help Fight Orlando Crime

ORLANDO, Fla. -- National headlines of violence in Orlando, Fla., has prompted the controversial Guardian Angels group consider coming to the city to battle crime, according to a Local 6 News report.

"The Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa said Orlando's national image is being tainted by bloody headlines about a record murder rate". He suggests patrols on the city's toughest streets.

The Guardian Angels said they would target neighborhoods in Pine Hills, Parramore and South Orange Blossom Trail, the report said.

Orlando police said it is not embarrassing(???Oh really?) that an outside group wants to help fight crime but there may be consequences.

"Our message has always been, 'Don't get involved," (That's the problem!!) Orlando police Sgt. Barbara Jones said. "There is a risk when you start getting involved in criminal activity. We have seen people get involved, and sometimes it doesn't work out for them."


At 10:01 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Of course we need the Guardian Angels in Orlando. The homeowners insurance adjuster that came out after the last hurricane, who was here from Minniesoda.. said I was his first claim in Seminole County, and that we were the first non New Yorkers he has met. All of his assignments had been Kissimmee, Avalon Park, and East Orange County. Soo, we got the New Yorkers, in Orlando. (the homeless were ran out of NYC, now we also have them) We have the crime, and will eventually have light rail transportation like the subways (we already have the grafitti and gangs... Ohh, forgot no gangs here in happy land..) why not the NYC branch of the Guardian's that may recognize some of their fellow former New Yorkers?
We also have a lot of retired NYC cops that retired and moved here. They could volunteer also.


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