Wednesday, January 17, 2007

‘24′ is a ‘neocon sex fantasy’

We like it so "they" attack it. Check out what this clown from Newsweek Magazine had to say to Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room last night.

DEVIN GORDON, "NEWSWEEK" TELEVISION CRITIC: "24" is just your worst nightmares realized. If "24" is true, then everything the neoconservatives have been saying all along is true.

GORDON: Nothing that happens on the show would even happen like that in real life. So for neoconservatives to claim it as sort of a badge that they're right is kind of like admitting that something that you watch in a fantasy world is reality.


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous bill "the future antichrist" clinton said...

Every liberal should be forced to sit down and read Jayna Davis' "The Third Terrorist," and some of John Barron's books about the KGB. Then, they might see what sort of stuff really does happen out there.

I can't be any more specific about linking "24" to reality, because, as a conservative I'm almost ashamed to admit, I tried to watch "24" once about a year ago, and I got bored after five minutes. Haven't looked at it again since. Give me "NOVA" or "Nature" on PBS, or maybe "Frontline" looking at creepy priests who like to put their (BLEEP!) where it doesn't belong.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger sniper208 said...

Gordon is in his own fantasy land. He needs to find a new dealer as he is obviously getting some bad crack! For him to declare that nothing that happens on Fox's "24" would never happen in real life clearly illustrates his own ignorance. He (and others like him) need to open their collective eyes and see the situation for what it is. The radical Islamists already have the assets in place (compliments to an open Mexico/US boarder). It's now a matter of when, not if. My question goes to the naysayers: what will you do when it happens?

The American people in general and the people of central Florida in particular will not know what to do. Most are very ill-prepared towait and let our infrastructure stabilize. Evidence of this was clearly illustrated last summer when that "killer" thunderstorm (Ernesto) passed through metro Orlando. Most of the grocery stores in Seminole County were almost EMPTY. The last-minute panic set in and people scrambled to get a few provisions. That happened after we heard about Ernesto as naseum.

Look what happened to our national infrastructure after 9/11. Now imagine what will happen when one, two or ten nukes are detonated within the U.S. Get ready for someone trying to kick down your door at 2AM to get food to feed their family because the naysayers will finally realize - "gee, it really DID happen! Now what am I gonna do?" Red Neckerson said it best, "Wake up, America!"


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