Thursday, January 11, 2007

“Little Mosque on the Prairie”

I'm not making this up! It debuted last night on Canadian television after tons of hype. “Exceptionally unfunny!” raves the Toronto Sun.

Little Mosque on the Prairie is set in the fictitious prairie town of Mercy. In the opening scene, members of the Muslim community file into the local Anglican parish hall, which is renting out the space.

Inside, Baber (Manoj Sood), an imam, rails against the insidious nature of Western culture. Wine gums, rye bread and licorice are “traps designed to seduce Muslims to drink alcohol!”

Baber’s peculiar sermon continues as he cites Desperate Housewives: “Why should they be desperate when they’re only performing their natural womanly duties?”

Why settle for fake Muslim comedy when you can get the real thing? It’s CAIR TV!


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