Thursday, January 04, 2007

I always feel like somebody's watching me!

The President slipped a fast one past us, signing a kind of executive order claiming the right to open people's mail to snoop on potential terrorist activity, as if terrorists are stupid enough to use the mails to deliver incriminating stuff. On the other hand, it's incredibly unlikely that the feds would bother to look at the mail of 99.999% of you. And if they want to look at my mail, all they'll find is credit card bills and endless Capital One credit card applications.

Hat Tip to Perry Simon

The USPS says there's nothing to worry about.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: USPS Media Relations 202-268-2155

Comment on President’s signing statement accompanying Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act “As has been the longstanding practice, First-Class Mail is protected from unreasonable search and seizure when in postal custody. Nothing in the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act changes this protection. The President is not exerting any new authority.”
-Thomas Day, Senior Vice President, Government Relations


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if they open my credit card bill, do they have to pay it?

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they'll really be shocked when they open my monthly subscription to juggs magazine!

At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Bill "the future antichrist" clinton said...

If they open my mail, they'll be bored to tears.


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