Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam's Death, America's Victory

From Richard Miniter...

I am hearing from American sources in Baghdad that Saddam may be executed shortly after dawn on Saturday morning. The timing is the hands of the Iraqis. While the media seems to assume a hanging, the Americans I spoke with do not actually know for sure what the method of execution will be. It could be a firing squad.
While no one is saying it, the execution of Saddam will be another milestone victory in the war. If he had survived, America’s ability to vanquish its foes (and to deter other potential foes) would always be in question. Castro outlasted eight presidents. General Giap lived to see Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Saddam’s death will be noted by Libya’s Gadhaffi, Syria’s Assad, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, Venezuela’s Chavez, and the mullahs of Iran. Our would-be friends are watching too, especially in Islamabad, Riyadh, Cairo, Paris and Berlin. The lesson will not be lost. Sometimes it really is more dangerous to be our enemy than our friend.
The question that is buzzing in the Green Zone is: What to do with body of the dictator? Many believe that, like Hitler, the Iraqi dictator should not be given a marked grave that could the site of veneration by fanatical followers. While there is certainly some wisdom to this thinking, it does not seem that Saddam has many followers left and his legacy is unlikely to produce new ones. (His murderous reign lacks the romantic qualities that attract acolytes and his friends were always paid.) More likely, a marked grave would become a rallying place for anti-American, anti-democracy and anti-Shia demonstrations.
Still, as any visitor to Baghdad knows, Saddam’s monuments are everywhere in evidence. Yes, one statue has been pulled down as has a few other plaques. But so far the icons of Saddam-mania remain, like Ozymandias. The giant hands holding crossed swords still arch across the road. As do the various tasteless highway monuments. As do the palace reliefs with Saddam’s face in various helmets. And so on. So rallying points remain. (Why? Ask Paul Bremer.)
The main reason that Saddam deserves an unmarked grave and his remains burnt and scattered, is that the unceremonious hole was the fate of tens of thousands of his victims. His end should be no better. And his passing should make us think about them, not him.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

I wonder how many Iraqi's in the USA will now return home.

My sister-in-law in Roseville, MI had a neighbor, a Chaldean from Iraq, that always said the only reason he came to the US was his family was persecuted by Saddam, and when he was gone they would return to Iraq. I heard that from several other Iraqi's living in the Detroit area. Iraq was their home, not the USA. Her neighbor moved into this small bungalow style home next door; him and his wife owned a small store that sold milk, bread, sandwiches, beer, cigarettes, Hustler magazines, lottery tickets, etc. They had 3 children, who attended the local Catholic school, with free tuition. They could not afford health insurance, so their medical expenses were paid by the local State social services office. He had no bank account; dealt only in cash that he kept in a cigar box in the back room. That was around 1993. Supposedly, he did not have to pay any income tax's until he was in the country for 7 years. My sister-in-law managed to get a part time job at his store, and was paid under the table cash, so she could afford the tuition for her two son's at the same Catholic school, and also her families health insurance.. It was about 3 years ago, she told me her neighbor was having a 450K house built in a gated community in the suburbs and was paying cash for his new home. They were selling the bungalow in Roseville, to live the American dream. Yes my sister-in-law and her husband still live in the small bungalow, waiting for the new neighbors to achieve the American dream.

This is a true story.. Do you suppose he will be selling his home in the suburbs, and returning to his country of Iraq?

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't your sister-in-law get off her duff and do something with her life instead of whinning about legal immigrants who work hard.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

That's what I asked her.. She couldn't get a Federal grant to open her own store; so she opened a house cleaning business. Emininem is one of her clients that lives in the gated community down the road from her old neighbor. She does pretty well now, with her cash only cleaning business. Makes out pretty well with the EIC at tax time. Some of her mafiaso customers, are very good tippers.

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. Too many Americans have forgotten the American dream. I'll bet that Iraqi family worked in that convenience store 24/7 just like the Koreans on the west coast. Did this guy's sister-in-law drop out of school in the third grade? Why is it she had to accept an under the counter job at these peoples store with so many jobs that are out there. Shame on her, she was born and raised in this country and lived here longer than the Iraqi family. They simply worked harder and they prospered. Seems like the sister-in-law could learn a few things about the American Dream. She took the easy "victim" excuse and still lives in the little bungalow. Perhaps it is actually a trailer.

At 10:51 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

Yes you are right the parents worked the store 24/7. My sister-in-law graduated from Catholic HS, and 2 years of college. She was a stay at home mother for their 2 boys, while the neighbors with the store were working 24/7. Their boy's used to bring rolls of bills; $100 bills to school and bet on basketball games. Did whatever they wanted to do.. All hours of the night, kind of like Parramore.. The parents sold illegal cigarette's without the tax stamps on the packs. My sister-in-laws husband hauled cars for Chevrolet, until he had a major back injury. That is why she took the store clerk job from the neighbor, to be home and raise her kids and supplement the loss of family income. Her kids are now in their late 20's, college educated (if that means anything, since 2 years of college is now = to a HS education 10 - 15 years ago) happily married, and she has the cleaning business now, to support her husband who is in diapers. They are perfectly happy living in their small (brick with a finished basement) bungalow, in a safe community outskirts of Detroit. Her father came from Belgium as a teenager with his parents. Not knowing a word of English, and received no handouts from uncle Sam to start up a business. His father opened an ice cream business in St Clair Shores, MI with no help from uncle Sam, and sold the property to Taco Bell, for his retirement income. Her father worked for GM as a bumper grinder; when we used to have metal bumpers on cars. He died at 50 from a rare lung cancer, maybe.. from grinding bumpers, but GM said no, not our fault... Life is a lottery. If you were a UAW member you won the lottery.. (this will p.o. a couple more of your blogger's..)

Back to Saddam.. Did he win the life lottery, or his American Dream?

I'm actually sorry, I brought this up. Beginning to feel like I am on the Jerry Springer blog instead of the PC blog.

Sorry PC, for corrupting your Blog site. It was not intentional.

Happy New Year!!


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