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Mormon Doctrine Explained

Cartoon banned by the Mormon church

I wanted to be fair, so I include below another version of the same cartoon, but this time actual Mormon doctrine is cited and quoted by a Mormon whose aim is to defend Mormon doctrine and who is critical of the cartoon. Texts citing Mormon doctrines are presented during the video in an effort to clearly demonstrate what Mormons believe. The text quibbles over some minor details, but for the most part, it confirms most of the things described in the video. H/T to RCB

A listener responds...


I listened to the cartoon as I was pulling into work and sat in the car for the whole piece. I didn't have the time to hold on the phone to voice my comments.

I am LDS, born into an LDS household and am 47 years old. I served a mission in France in 1979-1981.

The cartoon is a clever twist of Mormon beliefs. Like most churches, Mormons teach their doctrines in Sunday School, from the pulpit, and through church sponsored publications. No where in any lesson manual used by the church will you find any doctrine on what was covered in the cartoon, ie, God and plural wives, sex between God and his plural wives, God having been born to other mortals in another glaxay, blacks being neutral in the war in heaven, God having sex with Mary to make Jesus, Jesus having three wives. I can't remember any of the other alligations.

How can these concepts be called doctrines if the LDS church doesn't even teach them? As with any religion, people have speculated about a myriad of topics. Speculating does not make doctrine for the church. Quoting Parley P. Pratt from 1850s is not a doctrine of the church. All inacurracies can be traced to someone, twisting or citing the words or writings of people speculating about things that have not been revealed through the scriptures. Have you ever speculated about where God came from? If you wrote such a thing down would that be binding on your faith's official doctirne?

We teach what we believe every Sunday, we have a tremendous library of beliefs that are available to the public.

Thomas L.


At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird, weird, weird. It is almost like the ET cult in California that committed suicide so that they could meet up with a flying saucer. I don't think Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck are very straight forward about these cult beliefs. Beck had a fit on his show when Mormonism was criticized. Seems he can dish it out but cannot take it. As for Romney people should really think twice about having this guy in the White House. Now I know why there are so few if any African-American Mormons.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is "God." Greetings from the planet Kolob. Take me to your leader.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Jason said...

There cannot be more than one "truth" when it comes to "god." If Mormonism is true then traditional Christianity cannot be! If Christianity is true, then Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. cannot be. This is not a puzzle that we have to put together from all the religions of the world. If the true God is in it, man will not be able to stop it. If God is not in it, it will go away on its own eventually. Watching these videos and of course studying the various religions of the world allows me to continue to think through belief systems.

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listening to your show this morning I noticed that every Mormon caller avoided any confrontation with you when questioned about these strange doctrines. They always diverted off to another direction. Not one of them would admit that these cultish beliefs were doctrine or not. That is fine, people can believe what they want, however we have a serious candidate running for president. I think that Romney must lay his cards on the table. If these beliefs are actual doctrine then American mainstream Christianity has a big problem with this man. I do not want a space cultist running the country. Since Mormons are avoiding serious questions and scutiny about their religion, I for one have a problem with the Mitt Romney campaign. What is he really up to? Mormons need to start being honest about these beliefs. I saw an expose about the polygamy cults out in Utah. The child abuse and welfare fraud was shocking. It seems that the authorities out there, who are mostly Mormon, ignore and avoid prosecution of these criminals.

At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Gerald said...

My point - Mormonism and other sects are 'designed' to confuse people away from biblical salvation. The Christian Faith, according the inspired word of God (2 Tim 3:16), bases salvation on acceptance of the blood sacrifice of Jesus, God's son and not anything that we can do within our own power. Sects and false religions try to place the smallest amount of doubt about Jesus as the Perfect Lamb for the payment of our sins. They do this by saying

1. God's son was not born of a virgin.
2. Jesus did not live a sin free life.
3. That Jesus was not all God and all man at the same time.

The ideas presented in the videos and not disputed about Mormonism show that it was trying to take a little bit of truth and spin it into a lie to confuse those who lack faith.

I also found it interesting to see that Mormonism has racist undertones. With Joseph Smith's "revelation" occurring at the same time as Darwin's theory's were being used to support the superior race theories, it makes the beliefs and fundamentals of Mormonism seem to be based on the thinking of time period rather than eternal wisdom.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Ronbo said...

Yes, Mormon doctrine is weird, but then Christian doctrine is pretty strange too -- The Three Gods in One thing, for just one example.

Personally I have no problem with a person's metaphysics unless that belief presents a clear danger to the country, such as a belief in Islam which advocates the murder of non-Muslims and conquest of the world.

Otherwise a person's religion is not important. This is a secular republic with separation of church and state. A Mormon president would be as unlikely to overthrow our republic in favor of a Mormon dictatorship than JFK did in regards to the Roman Catholic Church.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Four Pointer said...

Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth: the Maxwell Institute of Brigham Young University.

"The Doctrine of Exaltation"


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