Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dude! Word -Up!

What kind of a man bangs knuckles with his wife?

Now all you sucker. D.J.’s
Who think you’re fly
There’s got to be a reason
And we know the reason why.
And act real cool
But you got to realise
That you’re acting like fools.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to tell both you candidates Juan and BO, I'm not voting for either of you boy's! I'm voting for good "Change". I thought I was voting for change when I voted for Bush the last two times, when he promised we would start drilling for oil in Alaska, when he campaigned for 2000 and 2004. Here we are now, with GB saying you know, we really should have been drilling for oil, Ya'll...

Who is the problem we are not drilling for oil in Alaska, and now China is preparing to slant drill for our oil off the coast of FL? Obviously, it isn't GB! It's Congress. Both the House and the Senate. Yet these loyal Democrat and Republican voters still continue to vote.. for the party.. The party line... might as well join a union, and axe them who to vote for..

I am voting for change this year! It won't be Juan McCain or Obama. Both of them are part of the problem, that we need to change.. Duh.. Anybody else get it??

Whomever is on my ballot for November, I will be checking to see if they endorse Newt Gingrich's petiton to drill for oil here and now. That is the decision makers, the House and the Senate, whose voting records I will be looking at, not the President who proposes what needs to be done, based on the input of all Americans, not the local yocal's.

Never saw such a bunch of worthless, do nothing, overpaid, egotisticle beuracrats in all my life. Chuckie Shummer, is one of the first that comes to my mind. (I saw only 25% of his constituents graduated from high school, so that explains that..)

I switched from life long Republican this past primary, to Non Partison the day after Juan stole the primary in Florida. Never again will I vote strictly party line. I want these guys and gals in the House and Senate banging them knuckles with each other "Yes we can"! "Change we can believe in" (Not Obama' change) Yes we can do what is right for the American people, with the first priority is to pass drilling for oil in the first 30 days in the new Congress, authorize building X number of oil refineries, and Nuclear plants, which will provide jobs for our soldiers as we slowly draw down and pull out of the middle east. Yes we can get the US away from the dependency of foreign oil, and have our own supply, until technology allows.

It won't be me voting for business as usual "change", with McCain and Obama.

I am voting against any sitting Congressman or Senator this year. Maybe, just maybe.. they will get the point.. But I doubt it with voters like the ones voting for Shummer.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama on health care..

I think Barry lost his teleprompter... has anybody seen it?


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