Thursday, April 28, 2005

Busloads of trouble.A review of 4,300 Orange County school-bus reports finds hundreds of incidents of threats, fights and illegal activity

Great article in the Orlando Sentinel about activity on school buses.

Despite these limitations, the stacks of reports filed by drivers during the past three years show a wide range of offenses. They include:

More than 500 incidents that could be considered assault, battery or simply fighting by Orange County's Student Code of Conduct. In October, a driver leaving the Apopka Ninth Grade Center reported that an unknown male entered the bus, slapped four students and pushed the driver before running off.

More than 90 cases of at least one student being out of control. Just before Christmas break in 2003, a Lake Whitney Elementary student hit the driver, shut off the bus engine, threw out the key, opened the back door and fled.

About 50 gun and knife incidents, including a stabbing. A report from Odyssey Middle School in March 2003 read: "Driver stated that student had his arm out window with a gun in his hand pointing it at people."

More than 25 cases in which students have pelted cars with everything from rocks to cleaning supplies to wheelchair tie-downs, sometimes breaking windshields. Two years ago, students from Liberty Middle School hit a jogger in the face with a bottle.

I'm talking about it Friday morning on the Pat Campbell Show.


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