Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sexual crimes: No easy answers

Here is the article out of the St. Petersburg Times I discussed with Dr. Jill Levenson on this morning's show.

Everyone agrees something must be done, but solutions are confounded by the complexity of the problem.

From rural Hillsborough and Citrus counties to the polished corridors of Tallahassee, the furor over sex offenders crescendoed last week as legislators passed new laws and parents kept a more watchful eye over their children.

The prevailing wisdom among experts is that a sex offender cannot be cured. He can only decide to stop.

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Some methods used in treatment and management of sex offenders

BOREDOM TAPES: A behavioral technique where the sex offender listens to his darkest fantasies on tape over and over, in hopes it results in his getting bored with the fantasy and no longer being drawn to it.

AVERSIVE CONDITIONING: A behavioral technique designed to reduce deviant sexual arousal by exposing the offender to something that arouses him while introducing an unpleasant sensation or smell, such a fox urine or ammonia.

COVERT SENSITIZATION: A behavioral technique in which a deviant fantasy is paired with unpleasant images or thoughts, creating an aversion to the inappropriate sexual behavior. The technique is also used for alcoholism, stealing and overeating.

COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING: A treatment technique in which the sex offender is made aware of distorted thinking that supports offending and is encouraged to change those thoughts through confrontion and rebuttal.

Source: Center for Sex Offender Management


At 1:37 PM, Blogger piercedrichard said...

It seems the current treatments address the pysical habits or desires, but what about the emotional problems these people have. Is there anyway to adress these issues?

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

I hate to say this, in some parts of the world (this is going to put Liberal rhetoric front and center for all to see), mainly in Third World Africa and Islamic (Practitioners of the Religion of Peace) countries, many of the cultures liberals say the U.S. should emulate, cut off one's hand for theft; should the same ideology be adopted for sex offenders? I'll get the "wet stone".


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