Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm on The O'Reilly Factor on The Fox News Channel at 8PM ET Tonight

I was invited on the show to discuss the latest twist in the Jessica Lunsford tragedy.If you miss it at 8:00PM they run it again at 11:00PM ET.

As deputies visited, was Jessica still alive?

Court documents indicate deputies may have questioned occupants of the home before the 9-year-old was slain and before John Couey fled the state.


"Florida does not have a statute which makes it a crime to lie to a police officer in all situations, nor is there a law which requires a person to disclose the whereabouts of a registered sex offender," prosecutors wrote in a newly disclosed memo.

"I believe these individuals truly obstructed this agency's criminal investigation into Jessica's death," Dawsy said in a statement faxed Thursday to the St. Petersburg Times.

On the first stop, Dittrich gave his name but didn't say Couey was staying there because he knew Couey was wanted on a misdemeanor probation violation.

It sounds to me like Dittrich was harboring a known fugitive from justice. Book him Danno!


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