Saturday, April 16, 2005

Inside Edition sent a camera crew to interview me today.

Inside Edition's Senior Correspondent Matt Meagher sat down and interviewed me Saturday for an upcoming segment on the Jessica Lunsford case. The segment is scheduled to air Tuesday(4/19/05). I'll let you know how the whole thing went down Monday on the show.

Also... Madie Secord, one of the occupants of the mobile home where Couey was staying, is talking to the media. She says Dixon is not Couey's half-sister. They have the same mom and dad according to Madie. That makes Dixon Couey's sister.
Madie Secord also feels another occupant in the mobile home had a hand in Jessica's
disappearance and death. I'll tell you who that is Monday.


At 7:20 PM, Blogger Straight Up with Sherri said...

WELL DARN! I can't listen to ya!

Unless you have a stream link where I can listen via internet..

Got that up yet?

You are doing GREAT WORK!
I will post on my blog about your show on Tuesday- just email me the details!!

Thanks for ALL YOU DO!



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