Sunday, June 26, 2005

Brad King Breaks His Silence!

You've got to check out his long winded explanation in The St. Petersburg Times...

The case against charging Couey's housemates
Editor's note: This guest column by State Attorney Brad King is in response to criticism his office has received for not pursuing charges against three housemates of John Couey, who has been charged in the abduction, sexual assault and murder of Jessica Lunsford.

As state attorney, I have more facts at my disposal than are known to the public or to the media and this knowledge resulted in my decision not to charge Dorothy Marie Dixon, John Couey's sister; her boyfriend, Matthew Dittrich; or Maddie Secord, Couey's niece. Read the rest of the article HERE.

Is it just me or does he come off sounding a little condescending? After doing his Church Lady superiority dance he proceeds to tell us Couey's testimony can't be believed with one exception.

If any of the three trailer occupants were to be prosecuted on the basis of Couey's claim that Jessica was alive for any period of time, it would require that Couey appear and testify on behalf of the state of Florida. But it is significant that in Couey's statement he says repeatedly that none of the others knew that Jessica was in the trailer.

King conveniently makes no mention of the jar of urine found in Couey's closet.

He next goes on to totally misrepresent O'Reilly's position. I've been on The O'Reilly Factor six times talking about this case, I watch his show every night, never once have I heard him say he doesn't want the Death Penalty for Couey.

Some people, like Mr. O'Reilly (TV show host Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor) do not believe that Couey's crime warrants the death penalty. Those people may not object to me making a deal with Couey to obtain this testimony. I, on the other hand, fully intend to seek the death penalty for John Couey, and will not compromise that prosecution in order to have Couey testify, especially when his uncorroborated testimony is so suspect.

Here's the bottom line finally his explanation as to why he won't prosecute the three trailer occupants.

During the prosecution of Couey there will be two occasions when we may have to rely upon Dixon, Dittrich or Secord to provide us with critical testimony. Their cooperation, and testimony, may prove necessary to convict Couey. They have promised that cooperation and have given it to us so far. No agreement was made with them in order to obtain this cooperation; they have offered it freely and voluntarily.


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