Thursday, June 23, 2005

Skewed Priorities!

Lunsford Act perplexes school officials

No one wants sexual offenders or predators on school campuses, but how far will schools have to go to comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act?

The intent of the Lunsford Act came into question at a Citrus County School Board workshop Wednesday, as staff presented the district's background check policies and costs.

While the Lunsford Act mainly focuses on punishment and tracking of sexual offenders and predators, provisions of the law require school districts ensure any vendor, individual, or entity under contract with the school board to meet level two security requirements.

To meet level-two requirements, an FBI and expunged/sealed records check must be done at a cost of $61 for each person.

This is priceless! These people are more worried about money and inconvenience than their children's safety.


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