Monday, June 13, 2005

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Considering Legal Action Over Book Claim Chelsea Conceived Through Rape

Senator Hillary Clinton is considering legal action over a new book that claims daughter Chelsea was conceived when Hillary was raped by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, according to the Drudge Report. Drudge cites a source close to Senator Clinton as saying, "[Author Ed] Klein is going to rot in hell for this."

In his book, The Truth About Hillary, set to be released this week by Sentinel, Penguin Group's conservative imprint, Klein quotes Bill Clinton as saying during a Bermuda vacation in 1979, "I'm going back to my cottage to rape my wife," Drudge reports. Klein cites an unnamed source as saying that the next morning the Clintons' room, quote, "looked like World War Three. There are pillows and busted-up furniture all over the place." The source claims that Bill learned his wife was pregnant by reading about it in the Arkansas Gazette. "The fact that his wife didn't tell him that she was pregnant before she told a reporter doesn't seem to phase him one bit, because he says, 'Do you know what night that happened?' 'No', I say, 'When?' 'It was Bermuda' he says, 'And you were there!'"

Drudge cites a source close to Hillary as saying, "Mrs. Clinton told me she would be considering suing him for outright libel. This is the right wing attack machine on crack!"

Klein is a former foreign editor at Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of the New York Times magazine. His previous books include The Kennedy Curse and Farewell, Jackie.

Is this charge plausible? Maybe, anyone remember Juanita Broaddrick? The author Ed Klien worked for Newsweek Magazine the sister publication of the Washington Post, hardly a right-wing publication. If someone made a baseless claim like this about me I'd be having Lunch with Atty. John Morgan. We'd sue them for everything they were worth. If Hillary doesn't sue it tells me there may be some validity to the claim. More likely someone inside the Clinton camp spoon feed this information to Klien knowing it would sell a lot of books & get "Victim" status for Hillary. Most Americans feel a claim like this goes beyond the bounds of decency to allege something like this, crediting it to unnamed sources. People who otherwise wouldn't vote for Hillary will feel compelled to do so because she's being attacked. Americans love an underdog. If we feel someone is being unfairly picked on we rush to their defense. She's a very clever lady. Republicans underestimate her at their own peril.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

What a story! Either way, she will be "the victim". Rape is atrocious! Making political gains, or money because of rape is just as bad. Hillary is a dangerous woman. Anything to shore up the base right? Ahh, where would we be without the Clinton's? Much better! These knuckleheads make the Soprano's look like the Cleavers! Sex, lies, and is there video coming? Will Bill ask for a definition of rape? Or does Hillary really pack the meat? What made Whitewater white? Or is Bill being politically extorted? I don't suggest Bill fly in any single engine aircraft...or the author for that matter.


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