Friday, June 10, 2005

Vanilla Ice Is Back On Hit Me Baby One More Time

We must admit if you had asked us five years ago if we thought it was more likely that we would see the apocalypse or see Vanilla Ice become cool again in our lifetime, then our money would have been on the apocalypse. But the end of the world is hopefully nowhere close, and Vanilla Ice is definitely cool again.

Five singers/groups peformed on the June 9, 2005 edition of Hit Me Baby One More Time. Tommy Tutone sang “8675309” and “All the Small Things.” The Knack sang “My Sharona” and “Be My Girl.” Haddaway sang “Don’t Hurt Me No More” and “Toxic.” The Motels sang “Only the Lonely” and “Don’t Know Why.” Vanilla Ice sang “Ice Ice Baby” and “Survivor.”

Vanilla Ice stole the show with his two performances, and Host Vernon Kay told Vanilla Ice that he won the audience vote “by a mile.” As the audience favorite, Vanilla Ice won twenty thousand dollars donated to the charity of his choice. Vanilla Ice chose the Make A Wish Foundation as his charity.

If you missed it catch the rerun Sunday night on Bravo.

Hat Tip to Reality TV Magazine


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