Saturday, August 26, 2006

Leaders seek money for Seminole schools

A panel suggests quadrupling home impact fees and bumping up the sales tax a half-cent for classrooms.

These are the same people that just gave a million dollars of your money to the zoo. Now they need more!


At 8:11 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

I think the school board needs to do a study on how many children of illegal immigrants are attending the Seminole County Schools at taxpayers expense. Send the bill to El Presedente Bush and Congress, before raising taxes. Hopefully, after the November elections, and 2008 Presidential elections, the country gets some representatives that will uphold our current laws of the USA; and we deport several million illegals and their offspring.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger scrotum2 said...

My suggestion to the school board is to start from A - Z; or Z to A, and have the parent of each student bring a verifiable birth certificate, social security card, and copy of their IRS 1040 income tax filed for year 2005. Verify the residency status per zoning requirements; eligibility for free or reduced lunches; based on their IRS forms. (I know families myself, that have children receiving free lunches, driving new Mercedes, and living in $500K homes)

The board whined when parents complained of out of zone students attending Lake Brantley, etc. They didn't have the manpower to do that, the teachers union said it wasn't the schools job, etc. So they found enough money to hire private investigators to do the job. Well... They just happend to have 1M to donate to the zoo... I'm sure 1M could have been used to fund 30 + individuals for a year to, accomplish the task of verifing the above mentioned information. Just might pay for itself in the long run.. But than, school lunches are Federal dollars, so why would the school board care? It's not their money. Uncle Sam will just print up some more, and distribute it out based on so called need..

As a parent of 3 students in the Seminole School system, I have no problem taking the time to visit the school, or an offsite location, with this information. Do you?


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