Friday, June 01, 2007

Audrey Hudson on Flight 327


At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard the Arabic tradition is "revenge 5 times over"? You kill or harm a family member, or.. they are required by Islamic law to revenge 5 times over; relatives, decendents, etc. Also, that Allah requires 3 warnings on an enemy, before finalizing the attack. ie: 911, or the soon to be nuke attacks on the 5 major cities, the American Al Qaida announced either for the 2nd or was it 3rd time last week? Also, that Arab's pride themselves who can tell the biggest lie, and get away with it? These are all true and I can confirm that because I worked for the US government on Saudi and Kuwait programs, and they are the Arabic people who told me these traditions.

Are we as American's that niave to believe spokespeople for CAIR, and other Islamic groups that they are the religion of peace? I assume George Bush, Condeleeza Rice, and the Democrat party are.

Something drastic needs to be done with regards to this, but Political Correctness is preventing it. Do you think the American Arabic gentlemen planning to blow up JFK airport, are the only ones planning and possibly executing a mission in this country?


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