Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ACC orders commandwide standdown Friday

Contrary to rumors surrounding the Air Combat Command's stand-down of all 100,000 active-duty airmen ordered for tomorrow, the U.S. will not be devoid of fighter aircraft to protect the nation.

Michael Kucharek, spokesman for NORAD and USNORTHCOM, told WND the stand-down does not include the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves assigned to NORAD.

About 70 percent of the aircraft involved in NORAD alerts are Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves aircraft, according to Kucharek.

Meanwhile, NORAD and USNORTHCOM will be on alert status Sept. 24 when the U.N. convenes a high-level meeting on climate change and the following day when the General Assembly begins its 62nd Session in New York City.

Jerome Corsi at WND has all the details HERE.


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do you know when the last time this happened? That's right, 9/11/01. now, just to make things interesting, go look up the $6 Billion in "put options" that expire Sep 21. (FYI you make money with a "put option" when the stock market goes down a lot. If it does not go down, you loose money, a lot of money) oh, and that is Billion.

Jim in PA

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical DOD BS. I took a VERA/VSIP,... Voluntary Early Retirement with a Voluntary Separation Incentative (Program)about 5 years ago after a 28 year, mix of military and civil service time. You would not believe the BS, PC Political Correctness related standdown's they come up with... POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Training is one of the last PC standown's I attended. I had been detailed into an supervisory job for a year, and my director tells me you did a great job, I'll give you a bonus award, but I have to fill the position with a minority, to meet his performance standard goals.

That is when I said to myself, enough is enough... I am seriously concerned as a retiree from the Department of Defense, with the future defense of this country. Affirmative action, EEO, etc. There are individuals sitting in cubicals pulling in $60K, $70K plus a year, with college degrees... dumber than Gomer Pile, because they are minorities or other special hiring groups, and are being hired by Uncle Sam to promote EEO. Tokens to meet correct percentages, while others bore the brunt of the workload. They used to have a PACE test to hire potential management candidates. Professional Aptitude Career Exam, but certain individuals could pass the test, so it was deemed discriminatory and abolished. I had an intern with a Masters degree aks me how to spell "the". I said what? He said you know.."thee chicken crossed the road".. He had a Masters degree from University of Alabama.

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen this article in more than one place and I say "how nice to let the terrorists know that we are semi defenseless on this day." How does the armed services let something this big get out? Then the gov't wonders why we have no confidence in their policies.


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