Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Fix Is In!

I think Ruth Kaiser Nelson knows the answer to that question.

Housing Authority OKs complex for mentally ill

After hearing nearly two hours of public comments for and against a planned residential development for people who are mentally ill, the Tulsa Housing Authority on Tuesday approving building the facility.

The building will be at 10 S. Yale and will include more than 70 small apartments. It will be operated by the Mental Health Association as part of the Building Tulsa Building Lives program, which aims to eliminate chronic homelessness in Tulsa. The meeting was filled to capacity and was interrupted several times by shouting and applause. Several people who live near where the development is planned were not allowed to enter the meeting because of fire codes.
How convienent!


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Brian Blackwell said...

Building Tulsa Building Lives will be as successful as all of the "end" homelessness programs have been for the city of Denver. A very Democrat controlled city government. They have been so successful at ending homelessness in downtown Denver that they are rounding them up putting them on a bus and sending them to the zoo on a daily basis during the Democrat convention. This is not about ending homelessness or even treating the poor souls that suffer from mental illness. It's about removing an eyesore from downtown so that the ruling families can improve their property values.

Who owns Tulsa? Just look at their BOk accounts. Easy enough to name for those of us that grew up here.

I heard you the other day say that you didn't want to make this a class warfare thing, and it's not really, but there is a bit of class warfare involved. Ruth Kaiser Nelson's comments to the City Council is proof enough. "Let them eat cake!"

Bastille day is coming. I just hope it comes soon enough to make a difference for those of us that really love this area, and do not view it as a personal fiefdom to rule over just because they can.

At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was driving and unable to call to voice my opinion about this issue.... yes it is something that ppl could not attend a meeting of this sort... but look at buildings around the area! Kaiser this an that...yes they own Tulsa.

Now about the person telling the listening public about a SOCIAL WORKER and a mentally ill/felon/child abuser who lived across the street. My point, is that a legal aide is just that, not an attorney...a CNA is a nurse aid not an RN... a caregiver for the state is NOT A SOCIAL WORKER. That job requires a Bachelor or Master degree. Please before you belittle social workers again, think... we do provide a valid service to the community...as we are trained to do... WE DO NOT LIVE IN PPL'S homes with them...unless, as I am, married :) please don't lump ppl together...it is never a good idea.

Help the homeless...has anyone considered asking the ppl that serve them where a good location would be? ask the homeless outreach staff that goes to any box house to help...they are there and they know...but uh, I guess their name is not Kaiser? thanks for the space...


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