Monday, April 18, 2005

Attorney Jack Thompson is calling on Gov. Jeb Bush to pull Brad King's office off the Jessica Lunsford case and appoint a special prosecutor

State Attorney Brad King Has Wrongly Allowed Accomplices in Jessica Lunsford Kidnapping/Rape/Murder Case to Go Free

It appears that Florida State Attorney for the Fifth Circuit is more interested in prosecuting Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer than he is in prosecuting the individuals who assisted accused child abductor/rapist/murderer John Couey. Mark Lunsford should take note of the following, as should all media and others who receive this news release.

Miami attorney Jack Thompson has received two memoranda written yesterday, one by Ric Ridgway, an Assistant State Attorney in Brad King’s office, and another from State Attorney Brad King himself on King’s decision to let go free certain individuals who assisted Jessica Lunsford’s alleged murderer at a time she might have still been alive.

These two memoranda provide a tortured and wholly ineffectual explanation as to why those who knowingly harbored Couey while they knew he was being sought by police are not guilty of anything. The gross misinterpretation of Florida statutes and case law, if exhibited by any first-year law student on a law school exam, would elicit an “F” grade.

The Ridgway/King memoranda read as if they had been disgorged from the bowels of the Florida Chapter of the ACLU. Prosecutors are supposed to prosecute. It is up to criminal defense lawyers to come up with “creative” legal reasoning like that of Ridgway and King. If these two were involved in the current Michael Jackson trial, they’d be sitting at the defense table.

There is something desperately wrong in the office of Florida State Attorney Brad King. This is an office that managed to find evidence of absentee vote fraud in Orlando where other prosecutors found none. Maybe there is such evidence. Most Floridians, however, would find child rape right up there with fake signatures as a public safety issue. Brad King was given that task by Governor Bush’s appointment of him as a special prosecutor.

It is now time for Governor Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to do what Brad King and his office are obviously unwilling, for whatever reasons, to do to protect all the other Jessica Lunsfords in Florida.

That is why today Miami attorney Jack Thompson, a nationally-known advocate for the protection of children from predators, has asked Governor Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the Jessica Lunsford case so that all of those responsible for her tragic demise might be prosecuted, not just those who have admitted their role.

Jack is asking my listener's to contact Jeb Bush and demand that a special prosecutor be appointed to this case.

If you wish to call or send a facsimile,
the Governor's telephone numbers are:
850-488-4441 (Voice), 850-487-0801 (Fax)

And, if you prefer to send e-mail, his e-mail address is:


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