Saturday, July 16, 2005

Adoption Agency Rejects Catholic Parents

A Christian adoption agency that receives money from Choose Life license plate fees said it does not place children with Roman Catholic couples because their religion conflicts with the agency's "Statement of Faith."

Bethany Christian Services stated the policy in a letter to a Jackson couple this month, and another Mississippi couple said they were rejected for the same reason last year.

"It has been our understanding that Catholicism does not agree with our Statement of Faith," Bethany's state director Karen Stewart wrote. "Our practice to not accept applications from Catholics was an effort to be good stewards of an adoptive applicant's time, money and emotional energy."

Sandy and Robert Steadman, who learned of Bethany's decision in a July 8 letter, said their priest told them the faith statement did not conflict with Catholic teaching.

Loria Williams of nearby Ridgeland said she and her husband, Wes, had a similar experience when they started to pursue an adoption in September 2004.

"I can't believe an agency that's nationwide would act like this," Loria Williams said. "There was an agency who was Christian based but wasn't willing to help people across the board." Read the rest of the article HERE.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous WM said...

Excuse me? I thought that an adoption agency's job was to "To take into one's family through legal means and raise as one's own child." as stated in the dictionary! I believe it is against the law to take public funds and use them for religious, or anti-religious purposes. Where is the outcry here? This whole stance is against all we stand for ... where is all the "tolerance"?

Statement of faith ... more like statement of prejudice!!

"Judge not lest ye be judged."

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much is being done in the name of religion - the problem is that differing beliefs cause issues that are based on idiots that think they are right and that they have the right to inflict their beliefs on others. I always have to shake my head and laugh when I hear that something like this is done - in the name of christianity.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger boozer2000 said...

Thank God we live in a capitalist system. While I disagree with this particular agency's opinion, there are literally thousands of other adoption agencies out there.

I'm a little worried Bethany Christian Services is accepting "public" monies to augment their angency's cash flow and are discriminating in such a manner as they are. This agency's policy should have been made clear to these couples from the very start, before applications and non-refundable application fees would have been paid.

Also, adoption agencies usually inquire of adopting parents whether or not they have been rejected by another adoption agency. Now these couples will probably have another stack of paperwork to complete to explain why they have been rejected. An agnecy's job is to facilitate and simplify the overwhelmingly complicated adoption process. It seems to me that BCS did not accomplished this in these instances.

My wife and I are just beginning the adoption journey ourselves and are happily using a competing agency. We researched several agencies extensively and are very confident in the one we chose. If consumers start "voting" more with their pocket books Bethany Christian Services types of organizations would dry up and disappear - then the good organizations, worhty of receiving "public" monies, will get their rightful share.

On a tangent, I'd like to see the "Choose Life" license plates changed. First, I had know idea funds from these went to support adoption, until I got involved with the adoption process. I think the plates should include the term "adopt" or "adoption". Second, I think the plate, as is, speaks out more against abortion, rather than supporting adoption. While a agree that there is somewhat of a connection between the two, I'd rather see an "adoption" license plate make a statement in full support of adoption without having anti-abortion's highly political and moral agument drug into the mix.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Sick Boy said...

Boozer: I hope your search is successful. Best of luck!


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